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Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a fun filled addictive game as seen on the iPhone platform . The game is a tough fight between the Birds and the Pigs who stole the eggs . Using the unique power of each bird you need to destroy the pigs fortresses . The Game is mixture of physics , logic , skills and revenge for the pigs .

Elements of the game : Birds : There are a variety of birds which have different powers like bomb , sonic speed , multi-target and need to be used effectively on the bricks and pigs .

Bricks : The bricks play an important role in the game by protecting the pigs or rather say they are the hiding spots of pigs from story point of view . The bricks used can be wooden , cement , stone made and glass-made . Depending upon the proerties and strength you can use an appropriate bird to break down the barrier . There are also few other elements like TNT bombs and wheels to crush your rivals . The game has over 150 levels and the best part is its free .

Pros : The graphics is very appealing and offers smooth game play . The game fun challenging and a serious addiction . The game offers true multitasking , which was reported missing in the lite version . The game is available for Free with Ad-support .

Cons : Though there was one previously , the missing true multitasking but has been resolved in the full version . Now you can take calls , play other games , use messenger and do all other stuff while the game stays on hold . Overall : The game is addictive and fun filled 150 levels of excitement , the game does feature sound and the music is somewhat familier to Steven Spielberg movies and turns off on Silent/ Vibrate profile . Angry birds from Rovio was initially available on Getjar the worlds second largest app store and not the Android Market . The game saw a whopping 95,000 downloads within 3 hours despite of the crashes it faced in the intial builds and the lack of multitasking capabilities . Now the game is available on the Android market for free , check out the link below :

Download Link (for Android market enabled phone)

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  1. My final level , golden eggs

  2. You will find one egg just by scrolling the level chooser

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