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Connect 4

Connect 4

android app review : connect 4A very simple yet powerful game and a must download for every puzzle game lover . The gameplay is very simple , and if you know how to play Tic-Tac-Toe you can very well play the connect 4 . While the game has a comparatively bigger board , colors instead of symbols and is a four in a row based game unlike the tic tac toe but the game strategy is similar .

The game has two different colored dots , one is your and other is opponents . Keep filling the empty spaces/holes until you arrange 4 dots in a line together. You lose if the opponent does it first.The game has two board sizes 7×6 and 9×7 , it also has 5 difficulty levels and global skill level  .Connect 4 can be played locally ( offline mode) or online . The best part about online game is the chat feature which game players would love to make use of to appreciate their opponents move or say a formal “hi”. A player can either create a table or join a desired public table which are listed by other users . Player can also create a private table with a 4bit password to restrict unknown users from entering the table or leave it to the system to automatically join you on some table from the list of public tables.

The game originates from the centuries old “Captain Mistress” game , which Captain James Cook used to play with his fellow officers on his long voyages . Connect 4 is a popular web based online flash game and now you can have the same fun filled experience on your android phone . You will love this puzzle game even if you are not found of puzzle games . Connect 4 is available at Android Market for Free . To download the app snap the QR code below with your Android phone’s barcode scanner app .

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