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Paper Toss

Paper Toss

paper toss android app reviewPaper Toss is a physics based game play, where in the paper ball needs to be tossed in the dust bin to score points. A very simple idea initially developed for the iPhone platform and later on comes to the Android. The game has 3 modes Easy, Medium and Hard and are available in office mode, just imagine some employees getting bored of the hectic office schedule and trying to have some fun in free time by tossing the paper balls in the dust bins. The game also features Restroom, Basement and Airport mode.

The game has very nice graphics , is smooth and fast in operation and also doesn’t consume a lot of system resources . Currently the game is available for free with Ad support . Highscores can be uploaded to Geocade from the app directly while you cannot share your scores directly to Facebook and Twitter .

Over all the game is a pure fun and for folks who love to break their own records .

The Android developer of the app is Backflip studios and the app has gained them a lot of popularity , the app gains a 4.5 star rating on the Android market.

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