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Everyone who talks about internet definately has one main concern ‘Speed’ / ‘bandwidth’ . Whether its downloading your favourite movie , songs , apps , Youtube video , playing flash games everyone is bandwidth hungry in the online world . Obviously one would hate to see their internet buffering while watching youtube videos when they have a 50Mbps line . is a beautiful app from the original makers OOKLA . The app is free and to the surprise ad-free , possibly for a limited period of time but will keep you screen free from ads .

The app has a bunch of useful features which a mobile bandwidth checking app deserves . The features include :

  • Speed display in Mbps , KBps , Kbps
  • Saving results and sorting them by date , download speed and upload speed
  • Saved results show date , time , download and upload average speed , ping , Network type (Edge/3G/4G/WiFi) and latitude-longitude .
  • Server select (useful to select nearest server , if auto detection is inappropriate )
  • Internal IP , External IP , latitude and longitude show up

For a better understanding : The (capital letter) B stands for bytes , b stands for bits . 1 byte = 8 bits

So a 512 Kbps connection would fetch you a dowload rate of 64KBps (Because 512/8 = 64 )

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