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What do you prefer , Android or iPhone ?

What do you prefer , Android or iPhone ?

The iPhone may be relinquishing its crown to the Android in 2011, according to a new study by Market Force Information. The customer intelligence firm found that consumers are more likely to purchase an Android over an iPhone – 34% vs. 21%. The Blackberry was a distant third with 12%. Meanwhile, 25% said they were undecided, revealing a sizeable group whose selections could be swayed.

The study of 5,600 consumers also revealed:

  • Nearly 51% already own a smartphone and 33% plan to purchase one in the next six months
  • Only 9% said they were inclined to switch wireless providers – and nearly all of those would switch to Verizon or AT&T
  • The most sought-after apps, in order, are: Internet, email, navigation, games
  • Wireless retail store sales associates influence smartphone purchase decisions as much as family, friends and colleagues
  • Most (87%) will buy their smartphones from a retail store, and only 13% will buy theirs online

So what going to be your cup of tea , Android or iOs ? Do let us know in comments .

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