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Blogger-droid is a free app from Google that allows users to post straight to any of their blogs that run on the Google Blogger service. The interface is almost overly simple containing only three input fields: the subject, the body, and a field for labels (tags). The menu also allows you to include images or videos in posts. This makes it great for travel blogs or similar topics. A little bonus feature is the ability to view and share old posts from your Blogger blogs via the app’s menu. You can then set the app to notify you once a post is published on your blog.

The ability to include images or videos is not limited to those on your phone, as you can also link to your Picasa and/or YouTube accounts. You can also adjust the size of any images you decide to include in your posts. You can also fully customize the posts via HTML code, an unexpected option due to the interface.

While Blogger-droid does include some advanced features it is lacking other that are available on the Blogger website. You cannot disallow user comments or change the timestamp of the post. There also is no spell checker, so you actually have to do that for yourself. You also have to log into the app each and every time, which might seem like a good security setting, but in reality, how many other people will be using your phone let alone accessing the app while they use it? All of Google’s other apps leave you logged into their services, and it doesn’t seem right for this one to be any different.

Blogger-droid from Google does offer a good set of features, but still lacks in some basic functionality of the service. Overall, it is an average Android app that offers a solid solution for posting to your Blogger blogs on the go. It isn’t an amazing app, but it isn’t quite terrible either. At the end of the day, if you want to post to Blogger from your phone, though, you should at least give Blogger-droid a try. It is better than any of the other options currently on the Android Market.

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