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Pulse News Reader

Pulse News Reader is a free app that allows you to easily keep up with news and your RSS feeds. The big draw for this app is that it easily integrates with your current Google Reader account and feeds. The unique tiled display of news items is a great alternative to the standard list type presented by most RSS reader apps including the official Google Reader app from Google.

A single tap on a news item in Pulse News Reader will open the article up in an easy to read, specifically formatted for mobile, format. You can change this option if you want to have a single tap open the item on the website in your browser, but for most websites, the mobile formatted text makes them much easier to read on your phone or tablet. If you’re using the first item viewing option, then you can even pinch-zoom or double-tap zoom to make the font sizes larger or smaller. Pulse has also recently added a feature to sync with your Facebook links feed. So, when someone shares a link on Facebook, it can appear in your “pulse”, and you can view it just like any of your other RSS items. Sharing items with Facebook, and even Twitter, is also super easy to do, as it only requires two taps, one to select share, and one to select where.

A great thing about Pulse is that it is very easy to use, and even comes with a tutorial should you feel the need to watch it. The app comes with many built in sources, but makes it easy to remove them and add other ones if you want to. The interfaces are all clean and polished, and make performing any task you want simple. There is even a customizable widget that comes with the app, which is basically a smaller version of the full app, depending on how you set it up.

With easy to use browsing features, searching features, and sharing features, Pulse News Reader does more than its name implies, and does it all well. It’s surprising to see an app as polished as this freely available on the Android Market that isn’t created by Google. This is a must have for people who follow many RSS feeds and want an easy way to read them all on their mobile Android Device.

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