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Currency Converter

Currency Converter

Currency Converter is a handy reference Android app for up-to-date global exchange rates.

  • Version: 1.1.3
  • Size: 130KB (no apps2SD)

This app features current exchange rates for over 190+ currencies and four precious metals (platinum, palladium, silver, gold) which are presented in a very simple, attractive interface. The simplicity of this app makes it perfect for frequent travelers, financial businesspeople, or anyone interested in world economics.

A nice added feature is the ability to choose and apply a commission rate. The commission rate basically deducts a percentage from the exchange, which may be taken as a fee by an ATM, credit card, or exchange kiosk (like those you find in an airport).

As an aside: for U.S. residents, this app may be a little depressing in that $1.00 USD only buys you 0.621 British Pounds or 0.717 Euros.


  • Real-time exchange rate updates and conversions
  • 190+ currencies and 4 precious metals
  • Calculate typical commission rates charged by banks, credit cards, and other services

Areas for improvement:

  • Option to save an applied commission rate
  • Expand widget options to display multiple currencies at once

Conclusion: An essential reference tool for anyone who travels internationally or enjoys paying close attention to the world’s financial market.

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