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Turbo Grannies

Turbo Grannies

If you have finished all the levels of your favourite game and looking for something new on app store, Turbo grannies is a great physics based arcade game which can keep you hooked to your iPhone for hours .The concept of the game is simple where you have to take granny’s permobile cross the terrains which she fled with from an old boring nursing home where she missed all the excitement she always dreamt of. Granny has to go across the track keeping her bones and delicate neck intact.

The game features a variety of levels in each stage. There are three locations (stages) to go through which include mountain, suburbia and desert. Each location has its own challenges and weather climate with different backgrounds. Each stage has a set of checkpoints, so if you crash into a terrains or fall of a cliff you can resume from your last checkpoint .You can have a look at the completed and total checkpoints at the top of the screen where you can also see the time for each level and total time taken to cross other stages.

The game controls are easy and user friendly, so you won’t find it irritating while controlling granny’s permobile . The game uses touch input for forward and backward motion while uses accelerometer for tilting the permobile for safe take-offs and landing.

The game comes with impressive graphics and animations with real physics based effects. The game gets more challenging and tougher as you reach higher levels and it also requires proper strategies to cross certain obstacles.  You will love the exciting and challenging nature of the game

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