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Rule the Open Road with 5 Android Apps for Your Car

Ah, the open road — is there really anything like it? If you’re a huge road geek and an Android user at the same time, you’re really in for a treat — there are plenty of Android apps to choose from. Instead of worrying about how to really maximize your trip experiences, you will just need to think about getting the right apps on your Android phone.

Not sure what apps to even think about? You’re in luck — we picked out 5 Android apps that are definitely designed to rock the house — err, car.

1. Vlingo

Staying safe on the road means going handsfree — you’re not dreaming of holding that phone to your ear, are you? Really? After all of the news…well, never mind. In a nutshell, Vlingo basically lets your hands stay on the steering wheel and your voice does the heavy lifting. It can look up companies for you, as well as take notes and send text messages for you as well. Your mileage will vary a bit at the beginning, since you have to train it a bit to get it to work. However, Vlingo still makes the top spot because who doesn’t want to be as safe as possible in the car?

2. GasBuddy

Unless you’re running one of those modified fuel tanks in your car, you need gasoline — sweet crude oil gasoline, we mean. Call it what you want, if you run out of it, you’re going to really be up a creek without a …well, you know what we mean. GasBuddy is free and it lists all the nearby gas stations using your location. You can get details about each and every station so that you’re not making the mistake of visiting a station that doesn’t exist anymore. Now that would be a real drag.

3. Wardrive

A geek and their Wi-Fi are hard to part — but if you’re a real road warrior, you might have a hard time finding that sweet, sweet, wireless access. Don’t worry — just use Wardrive! It’s a sweet Android app that tells you exactly where your next Wi-Fi hotspot is. You can then drive to it or just hover around it — whichever won’t get you thrown in jail, of course.

4. Glympse

If you’ve ever been annoyed by the classic “Just when do you think you’ll arrive” question, you need Glympse. It’s an app that can effortlessly track your location so that other people can know where you are and of course, how long it will take you to get to the destination in question. If you are doing a long road trip or trying to get to a party, this program is really a life saver.

5. Pandora

Pandora was great on the PC, but Android users will love being able to take their favorite radio stations with them. Even though the program has a few bugs, it’s still well worth the download.

Overall, you can use these 5 Android apps to really rule the road, if you’re so inclined — why not check them out today?

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