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9 Innings:Pro Baseball 2011

9 Innings:Pro Baseball 2011

Innings: Pro Baseball 2011 brings you the best full-featured, classic arcade-style Android baseball game with real MLB rosters.

  • Version: 1.0.3
  • Size: 8.79MB (apps2SD enabled)

9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011 features three different modes of play; exhibition, league, and homerun derby. The exhibition mode lets you play a quick 9 innings without worrying about your roster, player stats, etc. During homerun derby mode, you’ll get 5 “outs” to hit as many homeruns as possible (anything but a ball or a homerun is an out). You’ll earn points based on how far each ball goes and extra points for back-to-back homeruns. Each round has a points goal you’ll have to accrue in order to qualify for the next, more challenging round. Finally, in league mode you act as the owner and manager of your chosen team. Create lineups, adjust the starting rotation, and check up on your team’s record, ranking, and achievements.

As you play, you’ll find yourself earning points for many achievements e.g. a 4 batter hit streak or bunting to advance a runner. These points can then be spent to acquire new players, upgrade current players, etc. There are currently over 700+ MLB player profiles to choose from. Each player has their own card (just like collectible trading cards) with their image and detailed stats. Plus, with the points you earn, you can even buy “booster packs” to pull random player cards.

In terms of gameplay, the controls are quite simple to use. When you’re batting, just tap the screen to swing. Depending on the pitch, it might take you a little while to get the timing down. There are also graphics/buttons for bunting if you so choose. When the ball is in play, two on-screen buttons will appear allowing you to control the baserunners. When pitching, select the type of pitch to throw and then drag the ball to the specific location you’d like it to go. When the ball is in play, use the glove graphics over home-plate and first, second, and third base to direct your players’ throws.


  • Three playing modes: exhibition, league, and homerun derby
  • 700+ real MLB player profiles and full team rosters
  • Straightforward on-screen controls

Areas for improvement:

  • Some rosters aren’t up-to-date for the 2011 season
  • Improve/smooth out graphics to enhance playability

Conclusion: A competitive, multi-feature baseball Android game reminiscent of 1990s style baseball video games.

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