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Gun Bros

Gun Bros

If you are a hard core action gamer Gun Bros will provide you with some intense action gaming on your android phone. With a really impressive graphics and variety of elements in game you will end up draining all your battery on this game we promise.

The theme of the game is to protect the cosmos from the Tyrannical Oppressors of Life known as T.O.O.L.  The evil organization T.O.O.L has spread its dangerous criminals from underworld to every corner of galaxy. You and your bro protect each planet from the criminals harvesting the rare element Xplodium in effort to create even more powerful and destructive weapons to destroy the universe. You need to kill as many as enemies (criminals) as possible and collect Xplodium which in turn can be useful to create new weapons for the bros.

With this dual player game you get a chance to protect all 9 planets having 10 revolutions each and about 50 waves in each revolution. Like a perfect mission you get briefing and learn the requirements of each wave before you enter it . Each time you play a wave you earn experience and Xpodium , you also earn special points on competition of perfect waves (without any health loss) . You can buy a rich variety of guns, armor, power-ups from the gold earned by collecting Xplodium in each wave. The game also allows you to but war bucks directly from Android Market to buy some high-tech weapons before you get into the battle. You can also try out some of their sponsored apps to receive free War bucks to buy expensive guns and armor.

Start the game and you are greeted by a cute character symbolizing Glu – the developer of the game. Select your bro, your game mode which will fetch you yields in different amount, select your guns(2) , armour , powerups and get started .You will also be able to invite your facebook friends to play this game with you after a minor update soon . The cartoonized girls are really pretty and hot, I would really appreciate the designer of the game for this , but unfortunately these hot girls don’t come along on the battle field like lara croft .

The game’s UI is really impressive. The unique design and 3D based gameplay is heavy but smooth enough on a 800MHz-1GHz phone. I doubt it would run the same on low end Android devices with a comparatively less RAM and CPU speed. The game has been tested by team and works smooth on Nexus One , Desire , Desire HD and Galaxy S .

If you are action game lover this is a perfect game for the hot season. Head over to the Android Market by using the Download button. The game is available for free but is worth a minimum price of $2.99. Try out this amazing game and do let other Androidapplog users know how you found it. See you soon in the warzone .

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