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Job Search

Job Search

Job Search from lets you browse and find jobs with your Android phone.

  • Version: 1.3
  • Size: 75.96KB offers free access to millions of jobs from thousands of company websites and job boards all with a single search. You can perform a search by job title, keyword, or specific company you’re interested in. Or, if you’re more interested in a certain place, you can search by location e.g. city, state, zip code.

Search results include the position title, company name, location, and a brief description. The full job description usually includes the responsibilities and qualifications that are expected of any applicant. If you’re searching for someone else, you can email the listing to a family or friend. With an account you can also save the job to come back to it later. And, the “view job” button opens the complete, web-based version where you can actually apply for the job.

A couple other convenient features are 1) recent searches are saved for easy access later 2) your country can be changed to search for a job almost anywhere around the world.


  • Search millions of job listings from with your Android device
  • Simple, clean interface makes browsing easier
  • Option to change search locations/languages

Areas for improvement:

  • Additional filter options to narrow down searches with high-volume results

Conclusion: An essential app for anyone in the market for a new job.

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