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Parachute is a challenging variation on the popular genre of Android games that includes the likes of Abduction! and Doodle Jump.

  • Version: 1.1.5
  • Size: 3.61MB (apps2SD enabled)

This Parachute Android game features 40 levels across 5 uniquely themed regions (mountains, jungle, desert, area 51, and space. Your mission is to guide Paraman from high above to the landing pad while avoiding obstacles and enemies.

It’s critical for games like this to have responsive and precise controls, and luckily Parachute does. The controls are based on your Android device’s orientation. By tilting your device left and right, Paraman will glide in that direction. Similarly, tilting your device toward you will speed up his descent while tilting it away will slow him down.

To maximize your score (and earn a place on the local and online high scores list), you’ll want to finish levels as fast as possible (without using all of your lives) while also collecting power-ups along the way. The power-ups are mystery boxes suspended in the air by colored balloons. All you have to do is steer Paraman into them to reap their benefits. Some power-ups include score bonuses, extra lives, and speed enhancements.


  • 40 unique levels with challenging obstacles in each
  • 2 play modes; normal (discrete number of lives) and kids (lost lives only cause a score deduction but don’t end level)
  • Responsive controls
  • Simple, addicting concept

Areas for improvement:

  • Leaderboard and menus could benefit from graphics improvements

Conclusion: Parachute Paraman to safety in this challenging Android game of precision controls and obstacle navigation.

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