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Periodic Table

Periodic Table

Periodic Table by Socratica is an excellent reference and learning tool.

  • Version: 1.5.0
  • Size: 1.15MB (apps2SD enabled)

If you’re currently in a chemistry class, will take one soon, or want to brush up on your “element”al knowledge, this Android app is a must-have. With the “Learn” button, a random element’s details will be displayed including atomic, thermodynamic, material, electromagnetic, reactivity, and nuclear properties. Specifically, you can discover an element’s symbol, atomic number, atomic mass, and even hear its correct pronunciation.  The latter definitely comes in handy for elements like Yttrium and Praseodymium!

If you need to quickly reference a specific element, the full periodic table is easy to navigate with pinch-to-zoom enabled. Additionally, all elements are color-coded depending on what group they belong to (e.g. alkali metals, transition metals, or noble gases). When you find the element you are looking for, just click on it to display the complete details/properties page.

Once you think you know it all, test yourself with the “Quiz” button and practice identifying an element’s name, abbreviation, or atomic number.


  • Excellent chemistry reference app and learning tool
  • 30+ facts and properties about each element
  • Quiz yourself to gauge current knowledge

Areas for improvement:

  • Quiz question layout requires screen scrolling which slows down and takes away from the functionality (multiple choice format may work better)
  • Interface in general could use some optimization/polishing

Conclusion: An incredibly useful reference tool for anyone interested in chemistry and/or the elements that make up our world.

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