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PicSay Pro

PicSay Pro

PicSay Pro provides you with the tools to spice up photos on your Android device.

  • Version:
  • Size: 1.03MB (apps2SD enabled)

PicSay Pro offers a huge list of effects, graphics, and transformations you can apply to any of your pictures. First, choose an image and open it using the “Get a picture” button on the homescreen on the app. Additionally, you can send a picture to this app using the Share option in many other apps (e.g. Facebook).

To add an object to your image, tap on the picture where you want the object placed and select the specific graphic you’d like. This applies to text bubbles, word-art titles, and stickers. Use the square, orange graphic to resize the object to your liking. The square, green graphic lets you independently adjust a single part of a graphic (e.g. the pointed extension of the text bubbles). If you’d like to come back and edit something (whether it’s the text, style, etc.), just double-tap it.

If you’d like to permanently save a PicSay image (which you can then edit later), add it to your favorites from within the app by choosing Menu > More > Add to favorites. If you’re satisfied with your final creation, save a .jpeg copy to your Android device’s SD card by choosing Export > Save picture to SD card. Note: exported images are not editable.


  • Endless effects, graphics, and text options to add flare to your photos
  • User-friendly menu organization and layout speeds up editing process
  • Share photo creations via Facebook, Gmail, SMS, Twitter, etc.
  • Created documents are saved as-is for future editing possibilities

Areas for improvement:

  • Added effects/options would always be a plus

Conclusion: “Say it within a picture” by adding your own personalized touches.

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