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Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio lets you listen to free, personalized radio on your Android device (similar, but arguably better than Pandora).

  • Version: 2.1.191
  • Size: 1.24 (no apps2SD)

Slacker Radio is stocked with millions of songs from thousands of artists. Similar to the more well-known service and Android app, Pandora, you can customize 100+ stations from any genre. Simply search for the artist, song, or category you’d like to instantly create a new station. There are also pre-installed categories which include the likes of today’s hits, country, hip hop, and international.

As you listen to a station you can like or dislike specific songs which in turn will better customize future songs to your liking. Specifically, the dislike icon gives you the option to either ban the song or the artist as a whole. This definitely comes in handy for those songs that you’ve either grown tired of or never liked in the first place.

By long-pressing on the album artwork, you can read up on song information including lyrics, band biography, and album reviews. You can also make the station a favorite and/or cache it for offline use.

Slacker Radio Plus is the upgraded service which removes audio and banner ads, allows unlimited song skips, provides full lyrics, enables caching of stations for offline listening, and features ABC news radio. The Plus upgrade costs $3.99/month.


  • Wide variety of songs, artists, and genres to choose from
  • Intuitive navigation and attractive UI
  • Access to song lyrics, biography, and reviews
  • Like and dislike songs to improve later radio selections

Areas for improvement:

  • Ability to purchase songs/albums directly from within the app (or at least a link to a third party like Amazon mp3).

Conclusion: Enhanced, customizable radio and an easy way to discover new songs/genres.

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