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Soundhound ? is the fastest way to identify an unknown song.

  • Version: 2.5.2
  • Size: 2.24MB (apps2SD enabled)

Similar in functionality to Shazam, this Android app offers streamlined instant music search and discovery. Soundhound boasts the fastest music recognition, identifying a song in as little as four seconds. Better yet, the algorithm is so advanced that it can confidently recognize a song from your own singing and/or humming. This is especially handy for those of us who always forget the lyrics!

Aside from the song recognition function of this app, the subsequent song info page is just as impressive/useful. You can quickly search YouTube for related videos or purchase the song from Amazon mp3. You can also access additional information by tapping on the artist or album name. An awesome feature is the inclusion of the song’s entire lyrics, so you can sing along the next time around.

Check out the “History” section to refer back to previously tagged songs, or the “What’s Hot” section to view what others have been searching for.

In order to use the homescreen widget, make sure that the app has not been moved to the SD card. Because of an Android OS issue, apps that are run from the SD card cannot also have a widget. If Soundhound doesn’t appear in the widget list after moving the app to phone storage, restart your Android device (worked for my Android 2.2 Samsung Vibrant).


  • Fastest song identifier available
  • Algorithm capable of recognizing your own singing/humming
  • Instantly tag from homescreen widget
  • Extensive post-tagging features e.g. full lyrics, purchase song, etc.

Areas for improvement:

  • Location-based geo-tagging should be off by default

Conclusion: The best song tagging Android app available, thanks in part to its advanced algorithm and post-tagging options.

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