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ColorNote Notepad

ColorNote Notepad

The ColorNote Notepad Notes Android App by Notes app is a sticky note reminder application. The app has many different features and is a great little tool for reminders, calendar events and placing colored sticky notes on any of your home screens to remind you that you have things that need to get accomplished. The app is very well designed and is simple to navigate through and has a logical flow to it. There is just the right number of options and features to give you everything you want in an app without being completely overbearing and offering you too many options.

When you open up the app you will be greeted by the simple interface in which your current notes will be listed, you can add a new note, or search through all notes you have created. Embedded in the options menu is the ability to change the note color, and backup your notes. You can send notes via text message or email or any other application that allows you to share items. One unique feature is that you can also pin a reminder of the color notes into the status bar that way you will see there is a notification waiting to remind you all the time! The app also features the ability to archive old notes so you can always recall them at a later date.

Overall, this is an excellent reminder/sticky note app. At the time of this review the ColorNote Notepad Notes Android App is free and is highly recommended. Thumbs Up.

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