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Folder Organizer

Folder Organizer

Despite the wonderful home screens and shortcuts feature on Android, app management can get clumsy when you have over a dozen of apps on your android device. Opening the app drawer and choosing the required app out of it could be sometimes frustrating basically because for two reasons Android apps are managed according to names; secondly the “sorting by categories and type” is a feature which the Os is yet to see. Having over 80 apps on my android device sometimes I just end up recalling the alphabets in ascending order to find the app is looking for. Suppose I need to quickly record a movie or a audio clip, though i have placed it in my shortcuts (which are rarely used and I tend to forget their location very soon) I wouldn’t like to miss that special moment fiddling with my device . A human mind can tag things well , this makes categories and tags a simple but very powerful concept in things which humans deal with . Similar is the concept of the Folder Organizer app. Not only does it organize files and apps but also manages bookmarks, contacts, shortcuts and much more in a very clean way which giving more sense to my little robot.

Managing gets simpler:

Open up the apps section in the app and you can have a see the entire app collection on your device. Besides each of them you have a tiny little arrow which helps you add labels, change icon, rename it, share it, launch it, uninstall it and even view it on the market to find updates and other information. Folder organizers app section can be used as a backend of your actual requirement .You can also find apps by sorting them according to Name, starring, and most used, last used and installation date. It was pretty easy to find the apps I installed on my Android phone just after I bought it and I could update them easily with the market option or you can also use the search feature to find the apps quickly and easily. Once you have assigned all required apps a label, you can now easily access them from your homescreen with beautiful customizable widgets.

The Label Tree:

Tap on any label and you can see what you have added under it. The labels can be created at any time after setup and can be named anything that comes in your geeky mind.  The same set of basic options can be accessed in the labels section too and you do not need to jump from one section to other.

Contacts are as good as apps:

Not only can an app have a label but also contacts can share the room. When a contact is related to your business just like apps . You can manage them all under the same roof making your business life much easier and maintaining the fast pace when you really need it.

Did we forget bookmarks?

Yes we may have forgotten them but the app covers all features associated to them. The app provides functionality to open, share, label and change icons associated to them within the section. Don’t forget the search function if you cannot find a bookmark.

Shotcuts are boon, yes we are serious

If you love accessibility more than anything on your android phone, shortcuts can help you keep folders of different locations under the same hub and use them from one place or create widgets to be used on homescreen .

There are a total of 3 different types of widgets with 5 different sizes giving a total of 12 widgets which can be used in different ways and match the requirements of wide variety of users.  The app includes 15 different language options and loads of settings which can help you tweak the interface in your own unusual way. You can also save your setting as a backup by the export feature , which can be also used in future to import them to a new device of your existing device if it undergoes upgrade.

We guess the app was designed to be simple and clean but the developer has also added lots of theming functions in the app making it more customizable and personalized for Android user like me.

You will love this app if you want to keep your android phone more organized and need a quicker option to access the details in it .Try it for free with the lite version or buy it for a more clean and convenient feel without any ads and a toolbar always there to assist you at the bottom of the screen.

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