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Learn English Reading JFK

Learn English Reading JFK

With over thousands of languages spoken all over the world and each country having multiple regional languages there are many people who still don’t know proper English. Its not that people are not trying to learn the internationally accepted language for communication but sometimes it gets difficult to take out time out of their busy schedule to read those big books which teach English step by step and carry them everywhere you go. That’s where Learn English Reading JFK comes into picture . The Android app is focused to provide a one stop solution to all your needs of learning English on the go.

How can an app teach me English?

There are lots of resources available online which teach you various aspects of English but the problem with most of them is portability. They are not mobile friendly neither do they teach you English in a easier and interactive way like Learn English Reading JFK does. We all know how a small kid learns his first words, the answer is listening. Listening and reading are the two effective ways which can be easily absorbed by your brain and are much more reliable when it comes to learning a language. When you listen someone speaking a sentence your brain also notes their accent,  pronunciation and expression .

Learn English Reading JFK does it in the same exact way , the app features audio recordings of John F. Kennedy’s speech which are supported by textual notes. The text is highlighted in perfect tempo with the app’s audio track one word at a time, so you will be able to perfectly follow the words dictated.

The app has support for French, German, Spanish, Russian and Italian too. Within the initial setup process you will be asked to select the language of your choice. Once you are set up with these you can start with the various parts of speech from the chapters section.

You can quickly tap on a word or a phrase if you wish to translate it to the language specified by you , you will also be able to see what it means with the inbuilt dictionary. The feature I loved the most is save word, with which you can save words for future reference and dictionary check. Once you have added a couple of words you can also start taking exercises and watch your learning status and progress each time you start the app .

According to your convenience the app has options to choose the right text size, making it easier to read text in daylight conditions or people with poor eyesight. The dictations are pretty clear in terms of audio clarity and also are in an moderate pace for anyone to understand them easily.

Now with the power of an Android Phone you can learn English from anywhere. Get started with the free app by downloading it on the Android market from links below.

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