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Quadrant Standard Edition

Quadrant Standard Edition

The Quadrant Standard Edition for Android is an App by AuroraSoftworks. This is a benchmark testing app for your mobile device. The app will run a variety of tests on different items such as your 2D /3D processors built into the phone, CPU, In/Out and memory. After this is done running these tests will compile the benchmarks of previously released phones & show where your phone stacks up in comparison chart. This is a must have for any Dev or user out there as well as, for anyone who flashes custom ROM’s in order to see  just how much better the current ROM software is.

When you open up the app you will be greeted by the simple interface . There are only two options when it comes to running the benchmark tests and that is to run a full benchmark test or a custom benchmark test. The custom benchmark test however, is only available in the Advanced/Professional editions of the Quadrant score application. Once you select the run full benchmark option you can leave the device alone and watch as the benchmark test is performed. Multiple tests that test every facet of the benchmark scores are performed and calculated all within the app itself. After the test has completed the benchmark test will show you how your phone stacks up to the current competition out there.

Overall, this is the only benchmark app out there (not literally, but should be the only one you use.)! At the time of this review the Quadrant Standard Edition Android App is free and is highly recommended. Thumbs Up.

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