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QuickPic is an efficient, powerful app for viewing and organizing all of the pictures on your Android device.

  • Version: 1.1.1
  • Size: 242KB (no apps2SD)

QuickPic‘s claim to fame is its speed and responsiveness (something the stock Gallery Android app can’t say), which is accomplished by caching images to reduce their loading time. The default display is folder-based with thumbnails being shown of the 4 most recent items. Or, if you prefer a list-like view, you can click the icon of a bulleted list in the top left of the QuickPic toolbar.

To manage your photos’ folders, long-press them to pull up a list of options including hiding, deleting, and renaming it. Plus, the slideshow feature lets you show off your photos one-by-one without any manipulation. Each image will be displayed for the length of time you have specified in the settings (default is 3 seconds). Additionally, if a folder contains images you don’t care to browse (e.g. images associated with an app you’ve installed), then choose the “exclude” option. You can also choose to password protect hidden folders in case you don’t want the content accessed by anyone else.

While browsing your photos, you can long-press each individual image to edit, copy, or share it. Selecting “details” from the popup window will provide you with the file location, resolution, size, date, camera, and geolocation of the image. Make sure to use the bulk selection tool to apply changes or other options to multiple images all at once.


  • Speedy, responsive substitute for the stock Android gallery app
  • Manage and edit photo folders/pictures with ease
  • Rotate, crop, share, set wallpaper, watch slideshows, sort, move/copy images

Areas for improvement:

  • Support for animated .gif files

Conclusion: The fastest, most intuitive app for viewing, managing, and editing photos on your Android device.

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