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AHG Cloud Note Demo

AHG Cloud Note Demo

Note taking is a probably one of the most important ways to keep a track of your day to life happenings in an organized way.  Whether you’re a student taking notes for class or your workday requires that you take notes in meetings, a handy app that makes it easy to jot things down and organize them can be incredibly useful.

If you are a smartphone user you must have been across a bunch of note taking apps in past but there are only a few of them which must have caught your attention and found some room on your device . Because of the ever growing features and increasing complexity of note taking apps sometime taking notes becomes a burden rather than a productive activity.

Few features every users seeks when opting a Note taking app are

  • Simple interface
  • Ability to quickly take notes
  • Managing your notes
  • Ability to share them with others
  • Easy to use
  • Price point
  • Media support and additional features

AHG Cloud Note Demo for Android may not be the best note taking app out there but its ability to keep things simple and seamlessly integrating features like rich media notes makes it stand apart from the crowd.  Another option it offers users is ability to have total control over their notes by providing a web based version that not only lets them view their notes but also edit them and share them via direct link and html code which can be given out in email or blogs .

Once installed you are ready to take notes with AHG cloud note right away. You can just choose “New” note option from menu where you are presented with option like add text, add image and add video. Depending on whether you already have a media file or want to create one you can add it from your gallery or create new with help of your devices camera .Once you have finished creating notes they need to be uploaded to cloud service which helps you save the precious space on your device and at the same time keep them safe and secure simultaneously accessible from anywhere around the world.

Once you create notes, you can access them and make necessary changes like arranging the content, editing, removing and replacing it without starting from the scratch. The preview option is always a smarter way to know the look and feel of the note before you share them or save them. The delete option will also help you remove various media instantly with help of filters which sort media based on inserted and created for both images and videos.

With Cloud Note you quickly create and share step by step guide with your clients add them to your wiki and share their links publicly. Not only this your clients would love to submit visual supports tickets which can be responded in form of a presentation with step by step explanation. With Cloud Note you have unlimited possibilities beyond your imagination.

AHG Cloud Note is a really simple and easy to go app at both personal level as well as for enterprises. Available for Free on Android market and giving you a chance to get the complete feel of the app, AHG Cloud Note is a great way to experience the power of cloud services in Note taking apps on your Android Phone. Download the app via the link at the end of the android app review.


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Generate visual instructions, field reports, instuntly share and publish.

Cloud Note is made for corporate and business users to simplify the process of creation of instructions, tutorials, knowledge base articles, field reports – and sharing them. Cloud Note makes it easy to capture and document process or procedure on the spot with your smartphone, by taking images / video and adding explanatory text, share and exchange documents, and integrate them into corporate systems, such as knowledge base or LMS.

This is Cloud Note demo, linked to the demo cloud area. To license application for your company visit

If you are having any problems with this demo, please e-mail

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