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If you are a businessman, a vendor or a freelancer and haven’t heard about Campfire, you are probably missing all the fun out there, Campfire is basically a web-based group chat tool that lets you set up password-protected chat rooms in just seconds. Invite a client, colleague, or vendor to chat, collaborate, and make decisions. Though it has been relatively simple on an iPhone to set up password protected chat rooms, invite others to discuss and take decisions with the official Campfire app but for anyone who owns a android phone has ended up running to the nearest computer despite the mobility he could have got with an app. But With ScratchBook you no more have to worry about such hassles anymore.

We know how useful any innovative idea could be but more than ideas, its presentation which matters. What if you had a million dollar idea but you were not able to explain with simple text? That’s where ScratchBook comes into play, by providing a simple white board (or rather black board) where you can sketch your ideas share them and bring them to life by adding wings to them with ScratchBook app.

ScratchBook keeps itself simple yet effective. With four different pen colors, a handy eraser and undo feature (which is one of our favorites) you can not only draw but explain your thoughts opinions and strategies to anyone in a much cleaner way.

Though this app offers seamless sharing capabilities with Campfire, you can also use it to share ideas over email, Bluetooth, DropBox, Twitter, Facebook, and Evernote.

All the options in the app are quickly accessible via the sidebar. Selecting colors, saving your notes, accessing them in the gallery, editing them or sharing them quickly on any of the services of your choice can be quick and simple. You can add as many boards as you like with the (+} button and remove them by just a {X} action.

The developer has designed the app for both android phones as well as tablets keeping the experience on different sizes of screens in mind. The motive behind keeping the app simple makes it more user-friendly and efficient. For a price of less than a buck ScratchBook is definitely a must go for anyone who uses 37signal’s Campfire or has similar business oriented requirements.

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Scratchbook is designed for the 37signals Campfire user. Optimized for the tablet, ScratchBook is a simple white-board app that gives users the power to quickly sketch their ideas and then share their vision via Campfire with other people to bring ideas to life.

There are no layers, no pixel sizes, no stencils, no fancy color palettes. ScratchBook was designed with the idea to provide users with only the most effective tools to get things started, fast. Even if you’re not a Campfire user, you can still share your sketches via e-mail, Bluetooth, DropBox, Twitter, Facebook, and Evernote.
– Share sketches via 37signals Campfire, E-mail, DropBox, and virtually on anything that you have on your device.
– Choose from over 4 colours (White, Blue, Yellow, Red) to sketch out your vision.
– Use the Eraser tool or undo button to correct any mistakes you made in your sketch.
– Optimized for tablets.


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