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How to install paid apps in a country where they are not supported

How to install paid apps in a country where they are not supported

You find a great paid app on the Marketplace that looks really good. You are willing to buy the app so you can enjoy the app and support that great developer. You go to pay for the app, only to find that you can’t buy paid apps in your country. Well, you no longer have to live with that frustration, just download an app called Market Enabler

Most of our readers are from supported countries such as US and UK. However, I thought I would publish this tip anyway because it is so useful for Android users who live in a country that isn’t supported.

Back to the app. Market Enabler is a simple application that lets you pretend you are in a different country on a different mobile carrier. You just select a country from the provided list and the app will immediately start faking. Now when you go to buy a paid app, it will be available under the currency of the country you are pretending to be in. When you pay for the app, you will get to pay for it in your local currency. The app also has an option to start on boot so you only have to use this app once to fake your location.

The only catch with this app is that you have to have a rooted Android mobile for it to work. If your phone isn’t rooted, the app simply won’t work.


  • Free – An ad supported version of the app is available. As you will rarely need to use this app, you don’t really need to buy the app.
  • Very useful – This is the only app that will allow you to buy paid apps in a country that the Marketplace doesn’t support.
  • Very simple – It takes less than a minute to set this app and it is very easy to use.
  • Easily reversible – If you want to revert to your country again, just reboot. If you have selected the start on boot option, just deselect and reboot.


  • Needs root – This app will only work if your mobile is rooted.


Market Enabler is a free, simple app that is incredibly useful to Android users outside the supported Marketplace area’s. Apps have become almost essential for every smart phone user and since most of the best apps cost, this app is essential for many people.

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