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Why should you use a custom launcher?

A few days ago, I explained what a launcher is. Now you know what one is, I am going to explain the reasons you should install a custom launcher, and some of the reasons why you shouldn’t.

Reasons why you should install a custom launcher!

  • Extra features – Custom launchers can add some great features such as the ability to delete an app by long pressing it’s icon on the home screen.
  • New look – Different launchers will have different themes. Some of the popular launchers have hundreds of themes that are developed by the community available to download.
  • Work different – Launcher can not only change the way Android looks, it can change the way you interact with it. This could be by changing the shortcuts bar at the bottom, changing the app drawer or even changing the home screens.
  • More widgets – Some launchers such as Launcher pro include extra widgets which look and work great.

Reasons why you shouldn’t install a custom launcher!

  • Unreliability – One of the main reasons for not installing a custom launcher is stability problems. The popular launchers such as Go Launcher EX no longer have this problem as they are very stable.
  • Reduced Speed – Some launchers have been known to slow down Android.
  • Uses space – Installing a custom launcher will take up many mb’s of your internal storage. If your mobile only has a small amount of internal storage, this may be an important reason why you shouldn’t install a custom launcher.


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