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Carbodroid – Water For Fit

Carbodroid – Water For Fit

Water is one of the most essential reasons for existence of life on planet earth. We use water in different ways but without actually consuming it none of the creatures would had survived.

Why should you be drinking water for your health?

Well, water is the second most important thing that our bodies need to survive, oxygen being the first. The body could survive for some time without food, but deprive it of water and it would only last a few days. Virtually every job that the body performs requires water. It would seem then, pretty logical that a health benefit of water would be to drink it!

Drinking a healthy amount of water is vital to your health. You can never imagine just by changing this simple step, you gain tremendous health benefits, and sometimes you can even throw away your migraine medicine or pain killer. The human body, which is made up of between 55 and 75 percent water (lean people have more water in their bodies because muscle holds more water than fat), is in need of constant water replenishment. Water is required for digestion and absorption of food ,water is needed to regulate body temperature and blood circulation, Water in the bloodstream carries nutrients and oxygen to cells, water is necessary for the kidneys to remove toxins and other wastes and there are many more uses of water to our body.

Considering the amount of work and tension we carry everyday with us it could be really difficult to keep a track of adequate amount of water intake every day. But Carbodroid – Water For Fit from westaflex is a really useful app which can help you keep a track of every sip of water you take and also remind you when your body needs water. The app makes use of default Android notification system to give alert you when you have been missing the second most essential requirement of your body.

To note the amount of water intake you just need to tap on the different size of containers available, these include small glass, regular glass , regular bottle and large bottle . For example if you had a glass of water you can tap on the regular glass   and that amount will be added to your day’s consumption. Though there are limited number of (4) containers available in the app , you can link them virtually with the containers in your house or office to note the exact amount of water intake.

When you start consuming water and note it in the app , Carbodroid encourages you to consume more water until you reach your goal, and once you are there you are given a appreciation note as well as ability to share your success on twitter , facebook , mail and all default sharing services available on your device. You can also undo your water consumption in case of mistakes. When you consume more and more water the Droid seems to get more happier and his smile grows bigger.

Overall Carbodroid – Water For Fit is a small and simple app which aims to keep you healthy by reminding you what your body needs the most every day.

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