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When it comes to casual games, there’s just one word i describe them – “fun”. If you are a board game lover take a test drive of one of the latest casual game Hexxagon for Android which has been quite popular as a online flash game too. Similar to the concept of Othello or Reversi, in the game you will find a couple of hexagonal patterns arranged adjacent to each other , the aim of the gamer is to acquire maximum number of hexagonal blocks against the opponent who does the same to defeat you.

The game consist of two different modes – puzzle and rating with 90 unique boards, within 6 different stages and multiple levels under each of them. We couldn’t imagine how playing Hexxagon on an Android phone could be so exciting and addicting than playing it elsewhere. To start with the game you just need to click on the piece that you want to move; the game will show the possibilities by delineating the adjacent free hexagons. It is time to think a strategy to conquer space. Click on the empty hexagon where you want to move the piece; the piece will move. When the piece is moved to an adjacent hexagon, it will be duplicated. When it jumps to a secondary hexagon, a single piece is preserved. When the piece is moved next to an enemy piece (s), the enemy piece (s) are turned to allied pieces of the same color then yours; a similar concept to the game Othello or Reversi .Playing the game is the best way to analyze the options and develop a winning strategy.

Though there are a lot of factors that build a nice casual game, with high quality graphics, music effects and easy controls the game gives a great user experience and scope for replayability. Hexxagon could be the next game you are going to drain all your battery playing for hours consecutively . Hexxagon is definitely worth downloading and the best part is , its available on the Android market for free and supports almost all Android devices. So you need not worry if your operator hasn’t upgraded your to 2.2.

This Android App was reviewed on Galaxy 5(Android 2.1) , Galaxy S (Android 3.0). Hexxagon android app review brought to you by AndroidAppLog.

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