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Numbers are something we come across everyday in our life, it is impossible to imagine a day without them. Whether its watching your clock, waiting for your favorite TV show or paying the cashier , there are numbers everywhere. But have you ever thought about the relation of numbers with words and phrases, let the Android app KaNumber help you discover the patterns hidden in words.

kaNumber is a one of its kind app which has over 50,000 numbers saved in their databases and you can quickly see a pattern of each words or phrase associated to a number or vice-versa with its logical implementation. You just type a word and you are quickly presented with its number, there’s also a small chart which is the representation of calculations based on each letter and its type present in the word. Along with this you will also be able to see other similar matches saved in your kaNumber library and other 50,000 kaNumbers.  To get a detailed view of any word , you just need to tap on it and you will be shown a graph which shows the its order in alphabetical series and tone changes while spelling it. You will also be able to quickly have a look at consonants, vowels, odd letters, even letters and balance in the word. When you no longer need a word in your library you can simply delete it from your saved list with the delete option within.

kaNumber can be a really useful tool for writers and poets, with this they can quickly and easily find words to fulfill their content based needs.

Here are some examples of the patterns I just observed within about 10 minutes of using the app:

Obama Care = devoid = goblin = infidel = 59.

Or, if you prefer: Obama Care = logical = stable = 59.

Angelina Jolie = Cate Blanchett = foreshadow = feminists = 114.

Anna Mae Bullock (known as Tina Turner) = supercharged = celebrity god = Will Smith = 125.

Though kaNumber doesn’t look like a perfectly polished app in terms of its UI but it does what it promises. kaNumber is a really simple and powerful tool which can be used for novelty, as a writing aid, or in a larger conspiracy.


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  1. This is a great app. I love what you find out with the numbers, and the connections that some words what with others.. Great tool.

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