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Every parent know very well why kids need to get involved in new activities every day – that’s what builds a strong base for their education, making them more sharper and smarter. Activities like dancing, singing, writing, poems, and painting are few thing’s every parent wants their kid to do. Teaching them may not always be an easy job, but if there is a way to teach kids in a more entertaining and engaging way , not only will they grasp new things quickly and easily but  also gain more interest in learning new things and making use of them in daily activities

KidFunKit is engaging educational app for your kid with which they can draw pictures, learn new objects and creatures by solving picture puzzles, painting them and also visualize and identify new shapes and sizes. KidFunKit is a complete package for kids of 4-12 years of age.

The app starts with its main screen which has a couple of images signifying various sections within the app. Firstly the Color Book which comes with a wide range of colors and your kids will love it to paint their imaginations. The color book comes with 6 different paint brush sizes, pre-drawn pictures of different objects and creatures, and lot more. To paint the kid just needs to tap on a color and start sliding the finger over the screen to make an impression, the pictures can be partially erased with an eraser or you can start over by clearing of the complete screen.

The second section is the picture puzzle game which includes 12 different creatures to choose from and arrange their pieces on the board. Though there’s nothing new about the game, but as the app is meant for kids the developer has taken care to keep it as friendly as possible for kids. Within this picture puzzle mini game, the pieces of a picture get auto positioned when a kid tries to make partial attempt to place any block. Keeping the app simple and easy to use will encourage small kids play the game more often and learn new objects and creatures quickly.

The Third section is shapes and sizes, where a kid need to fill the puzzle with correct shape and size. The mini game includes 8 different shapes including square, rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, circle, oval, hexagon and pentagon. These are the few basic shapes every kid needs to know and have been covered in the app in form of a small puzzle game featuring a farm’s background and each shape having the face of an animal to make things looks more cute and colorful.

Finally the fourth section is a sub-section of Color Book which is where kids can paint pre-drawn pictures thus covering both types of color books available in the market for kids.

Though there are a lot of kid’s educational apps on the market but with KidFunKit the fun just gets four times better with four different games every kid will enjoy playing with their tiny fingers.

Available for just a buck KidFunKit is an app definitely worth buying if you are planning to gift something useful to your kids and not sure whether they would really like it and use it in future. KidFunKit is going to be right choice for your kids these vacations and will keep them hooked for hours over your phone or tablet when you are busy driving or preparing dinner.

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