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I remember the first smartphone I sold online was using a local classified service which I was trying to experimenting with. Online Classifieds are a simple, free yet powerful tool to explore new products and sell the old ones from the convenience of a web enabled device. Surfing through the market I came across one of such service Selloby. Selloby as the name says is a place where you can instantly buy and sell, by searching and following, anything you need.

Selloby android app originates from its web app which offers the same tools and power you experience on your android smartphone.  The service is not just about selling and buying, you can also offer deals , rent , hire , show interest in a commodity and also exchange it for any other object with an equal value right from the ease of your Android phone.

The app is divided into 5 main section Feed, search , favorites , messages and profile which can be used in a fully functional way after you sign up with basic details like email address and password  or just use facebook or twitter to sign in. The first section is the feed which aggregates all your interests and ads posted by you in Selloby . When you follow a category or item of your interest based on its model number, brand, location, price range and action (sell or buy) you get updates based on these filters set by you. For example you want to buy a Cell phone, the main category for this is cellphone & accessories, you are interested in buying it (not selling), you have brand in your mind (sony) , a tag used to differentiate it from accessories in the section is phone, the model number is T616 , price tag associated with the product say $40 and seller located in are Los Angeles.  When you find such a phone searching through the classified you can follow selected attributes of the object to get future updates in form of feed. The price , buy tag, location , model , brand and category act as filters. By tapping on any product you can choose to follow all or partial attributes of it by simply checking them and leaving the unwanted. Within the feed section you can also mark a products as your favorite to quickly gain access to it and related products by just tapping over the product and choosing the option from the menu, while at the same time you can share it over your social networks like Facebook and twitter to let your friends know about something interesting, exciting and worth buying. Once you finalize your product you would definitely like to get in touch with the seller to negotiate or ask for more information about it, you can do so by using the reply option with which you can leave comments or questions for the seller which he/she can see as messages and reply to them which will be directly accessible in your messages section. If you find some crap sellers which happens on many classifieds as they are not moderated then you can use the block feature which will help you block the sellers’s from being listed in your search results.

Throughout the app you will have access to the search bar with which you can search a topic or category. Along with the search bar you have a button just like we see in maps to update our location automatically to show only products from your country. You can also quickly add your own ads by the add new button in the search bar. Adding new ads can be really complicated in other classifieds but with selloby it’s more than just easy. You choose your action (sell , buy , exchange, rent, hire , offer , and needs) then type name of your product (like TV , refrigerator , car etc.), add price , choose your category , add an image right from your smartphone gallery or by snapping it with your camera and then you can also geotag your product for a specific city or country. For each entry the app offers some quick suggestions which are really helpful and make the whole process quick and perfect. Once you are done adding, the product is listed in their database and can be accessed from wide variety of devices and multiple platforms offering this app.

We appreciate the effort put up by the developer to offer a simple, fast, consistent and clean UI which makes the app easy to understand by any type of user despite using multiple platforms like iPhone, android or web-app.

Selloby is an excellent app which can be used globally for any type of product including antiques , appliances , arts and collectibles , auto parts , baby products , books and magazines , business and industrial products , cars , cell phone and accessories , clothes and apparels , computers and tech , furniture , home décor, jewellery , movies and music , pets and lot more than just this. Not only this you can also use the app to look for jobs , housing , services , personal needs, travel , coupons and much more.

Though the only thing the app needs to improve on is database, which is of course the main issue with many new services. But with its great offering and lots of users and finally products being added to it every day it shouldn’t take long you see a fully fledged classified service on your finger tips. Head over to the Android Market and grab this free app, because you never know when it can come handy.

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