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Uloops Studio

Uloops Studio

Are you a music maniac ? Then this is for you .

The Uloops Studio Android App by Uloops labs is a ridiculously amazing app that lets you have an entire music studio in your pocket or on your Android tablet. The graphics interface on this app is tremendous and is a bit complex. The app does offer a tutorial to walk you through step by step through most of the features. This is another app that offers a paid and lite version for a try before you buy method, and is definitely work the money if you are a DJ or have a musical mind. The amount of features offered on this application is simply fantastic.

When you open the app you will asked to set up an account or you can skip it and go right into the app itself. When you are in the apps main interface there are several options to choose from: you can compose a song, download songs, listen to mixes, choose from top songs, and access the Uloops forum. This app has so much to offer that it can keep a DJ fanatic busy for hours on end. Now with the expansion to tablets, DJ’s can create whatever it is they need to on the go when they don’t have access to their regular computers.

Overall, this is an excellent DJ tool to provide every option necessary to create music. At the time of this review the Uloops Studio Android App is free and also offers a paid version for $9.99. Thumbs Up.

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