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¡Hola! – Learn Spanish

¡Hola! – Learn Spanish

Learning a new foreign language can have multiple benefits like when moving to a different country for travel, studying abroad or if your partner, in-laws, relatives or friends speak a different language or if it’s your work which involves regular contact with speakers of foreign languages, learning a local language will help you to communicate with them in much more efficient way and thus helping you to make sales, negotiate and secure contracts in your business or work place. Being able to talk to people in their own languages will help you to communicate and integrate with the local community and understand their culture. There are more opportunities for people who are bilingual. Learning a foreign language also provides new employment opportunities. For example, you tend to have greater prospects if you know another language such as Spanish or Italian in US. Moreover, it would be surprising for you to know that people tend to trust those people more who speak their native language.

Spanish is one of the most popularly spoken foreign language and most of the people who have learned English after their regional language have expressed the desire to learn it. But books can be a really boring, difficult to carry and less interactive means to learn language in this fast paced world where smartphones have replaced them. ¡Hola! – Learn Spanish is a mobile app which does the same in a fun interactive way and is one of the Spanish teaching apps available on the Android Market for free. With its really simple and easy to use design it makes learning on the go very engaging and interesting and that’s what makes it stand apart from the crowd. ¡Hola! – Learn Spanish does not start with the boring concept which many books adopt and tend to make the learning experience boring; rather it manages the words on the basis of expressions and general situations. Wondering how to interact with a shopkeeper when you are on a trip to Spain? Just open the shopping category which includes most of the basic questions and answers you will need to interact with a Spanish speaking shopkeeper. Similarly the app classifies various expressions into situation based categories where you can quickly have a look, view the translations and also listen to their pronunciations to help you spell the sentence in the native slang.

¡Hola! – Learn Spanish also comes with a inbuilt dictionary too which can translate from English to Spanish and vice-versa. For anyone learning Spanish this could be a very useful tool to get quick translation of works in both ways (from and to English) with a search feature embedded in it. The last section of the app is “facts” where you can read about the history and culture of Spain, you can also build your IQ by going through the geographical details of Spain and also gather tourism information like tourism websites, public transport details, emergency numbers and lot more available within this section. So the next time you plan for holidays in more than 20 countries which accept Spanish as its official language do not forget to take this app along with you and help you be your own guide.

The app also offers extended features with an in-app purchase from Android Market which can be availed to get more categories.

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