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Kids Match’em

Kids Match’em

Just like parents want their kids to learn something new every day by taking part in activities like singing, dancing, writing and painting; educational games could be one of the building blocks for every kids basic skills, thus make their brain more sharper and smarter. Kids Match’em android game is a fun new way your kids will learn interesting things while they have fun with the matching game.

With Kids Match’em your kids get to play four different types of game modes, namely vehicles, angels, animals and caps. Each game mode has wide variety of objects with different colors and looks. Similar to other matching game the player is allowed to uncover only two cards at a time.

Why Kids Match’em and not any other matching game?

If you want your kids to learn while they visualize and listen to sounds of different animals, the animal mode is good to go. Within this mode each time a card is uncovered the player will listen to the sound of the animal on the card.  This way he can match the cards by looking at them as well as matching the sounds of the animals. While other modes like caps and angels don’t provide the sound effects as there are none which distinguish a cap/angel from another.

Adjustable difficulty levels

Parents can set the difficulty level for the game based on their kids age and skills. The easy game mode offers 12 cards on the board while the hard mode offer either 28 or 30 cards to match based on your devices screen size.  This simple setting makes the game fun for parents too, and parents can enjoy the matching challenge with the hard game mode.

Safety lock for kids

Worried because your kids hit the physical keys and the game turns off? The ‘double clicks’ is a setting specially meant for kids who may accidently leave the game when pressing them. Enabling this requires a quick double tap on the keys to make them work.

More special effects, more fun

Matching two cards in one go will pour stars on the screen with a “wow” appreciation. The game comes to an end with another appreciation and all cards on the deck start shaking when the player has matched all the cards.  This will also motivate your kids for future game play and keep them hooked with the game when you are busy with something really important. The game comes with some beautiful graphics and sound effects which can be toggled in the settings menu and adjusted according to your requirements.

No Rules for the good time

As the target crowd of the game is kids thus it does not involve strict rules like limited moves or scoring system. But it would had been a good feature if parents could see the game summary to know the progress of their kids which we hope could be a part of future updates.

Overall Kids Match’em is a simple and a easy to learn  game that’s not only built from the kids gaming point but also makes the parents love it. There’s nothing to lose by grabbing this game for free from the market and making your kids happier today.

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