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Track your plan

Track your plan

Despite your keen eye on your monthly mobile network usage and multiple efforts made to keep it under control if you are still paying overage charges to your mobile network operator month after the other, it’s time for a more effective and reliable approach to deal with the situation. Track your plan from Alou uses an algorithm similar to network operators which can compute your monthly consumption, overage and also alert you when you tend to exceed your limit.

A simple initial configuration helps you get started with the app. You can download a plans pack for your carrier when prompted, giving you access to configuration for all plans available in your area. You can also use a custom plan configuration, though this can be a little time consuming but is a once time process and can also be edited, backed up and restored in the future through the configurations menu. With the plan configuration menu you can manually set your country, carrier, plan(if downloaded from market or saved earlier), billing start date, rollover credit, per cycle free sms, voice minutes & data availability and their respective overage charge as applicable.

The app tries to notify you about your plan usage, remaining credit and overage if any and prevents unintentional excess usage of your current plan. The best part is it does everything based on your needs of ‘how’ and ‘when’. For example it will only start notifying you when you have used a certain percentage of sms/mms, voice minutes and data or you after your first $1 overage. The notifications are displayed in Android’s default notification bar and a green call logo displaying the amount of usage with a color fill helps users quickly get an overview of usage with a glance at it from anywhere on the system by just looking at the notification bar. Tapping on any of these notifications takes you to the main screen of the app which categorizes usages based on voice, text, MMS and Data and shows a progress bar for easy understanding along with exact numbers. Tapping on any of them takes you to their individual sections with even detailed information. You can adjust your voice, text, mms and data consumption and also overage if there are details the app has missed before its installation or due to force closure by some task killer. Ideally most of the task killers won’t be able to play with it until you use the system’s default force stop button.

Track your plan packs a bunch of useful tools for customizing the looks and feel of the app as well as widgets for desired user experience. Try some of the cool widgets which can bring you the usage details directly on your android homescreen with individual filters and sizes. The developer is currently offering new themes for free as an add-on available on the android market, so grab them and make the most of this app.

Track your plan is an ideal app for saving big on your mobile operator plans. Spending $2.99 for Track your plan will be your one time investment and lifetime savings on overage charges across wide variety of popular networks in US, UK and few more territories.

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