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Rooting and Installing Custom Rom on Samsung Galaxy 5 (i5503/i5500)

Rooting and Installing Custom Rom on Samsung Galaxy 5 (i5503/i5500)

Rooting and Installing a custom rom on high end devices like Galaxy S I/II , HTC Desire I/HD , HTC EVO, Droid 1,  Nexus One/S , LG Optimus and few others has been incredibly easy with lot of forum users to help and brief tutorials available over the web. But its hasn’t been the same with low end Android devices which have just started making their way in the pockets of basic phone users.

Samsung Galaxy 5 (I5500 or I5503) is one of the few android budget phones which has neither seen updates from manufacturer in the past year neither has been attended by developers who built ROM’s. But if you own a Galaxy 5 and are sick of not receiving Android 2.2 update from Samsung over the past year in most of the countries worldwide, then this tutorial is meant for you.

IMPORTANT! Please note that this procedure is not risk free and you are responsible for the damage caused if any to your device. Though we have tried to keep the tutorial as brief as possible, you must have general understanding of each term used in the procedure before you start.

Pre-Installation Instructions:

  •  Backup your apps using Titanium Backup (Download link)
  • Backup of your phone contacts to your sdcard. Goto Contact ->menu->export to sdcard. This will create a *.vcf file.(remember it name for importing it later)
  • If a similar way you can also backup your sms/mms with any free sms backup software available on android market.(Through Titanium backup does this we recommend you to do so if you have really importand texts stored on your device)
  • Backup your SDCard

Make sure you have the following utilities before you start the flashing and rooting process:

  1. Your Galaxy 5 device ( alternate device link – my device, meant for testing J )
  2. Ops file  (alternate link)
  3. Android 2.2 firmware based ROM (download link   / alternate link)
  4. Odin Flasher (Windows users just run it after extraction, linux users please use wine and run it…preferrably ubuntu 9.10) (alternate link)
  5. universal androot(for 1.6 – 2.2….after the flashing is successful)

Flash the downloaded ROM via odin:

 How to Flash Galaxy 5 (I5500 or I5503) Using ODIN

Odin is a flashing tool commonly used on Samsung phones. Before you can use odin you have to setup the environment.

 Prepare your computer

  • · Install latest version Samsung Kies (see your device box for CD or visit official website)
  • · Download the latest Odin & OPS File from links mentioned in utilities above
  • · Extract the ROM and you get 4 files .tar.md5 format.
  • · Turnoff the phone and remove the sdcard (Not required but if you need to be on the safer side).

galaxy 5 downloading mode in recovery Entering Download Mode

  • · Turn of your phone if it’s not already turned off
  • · Disconnect the usb now
  • · Turn it ON by pressing all together the buttons: Camera button (big middle one) + volumedown (volume-) + powerbutton.
  • · Now your phone will display a yellow triangle with downloading caption.

 ODIN for flashing samsung galaxy 5 android ROMPreparing odin

  • · Run odin
  • · Connect the usb cable, you will get an COM ‘X’ number displayed inside Odin(see image on the right)
  • · Choose the OPS File (Europa_V1.0.ops)
  • · Uncheck the one package checkbox(when adding the below 5 files separately) and select – {*alternative procedure- with selecting one package for just installing Android 2.2 with stock ROM, skip to *alternative procedure)
  1. · BOOT – select BOOTLOADER_I5500XXJPF.tar.md5
  2. · PHONE – select MODEM_I5500.tar.md5
  3. · PDA – select PDA_I5500XWJP9_CL880109.tar.md5
  4. · CSC–  select I5500OXXJP3_CSC_OXX_CL832222.tar.md5

For One Package please refer  *alternative procedure available at the end of post


  • · Hit start. The procedure takes around 6 minutes to complete.
  • · If you get stuck at “Setup Connection” change usb ports. Done!!!
  • · The phone may take up to 10 minutes for first boot

Screenshots of newly flashed Custom ROM on Galaxy 5 Android Phone:

custom rom installation on galaxy 5 i5503 i5500custom rom installation on galaxy 5 i5503 i5500custom rom installation on galaxy 5 i5503 i5500custom rom installation on galaxy 5 i5503 i5500

 If you find the language of your device changed after flashing the ROM , in device just go to settings > language and keyboard > select English or language of your choice. System Apps may still be using previous language, to get rid of it just reboot.

Now you can restore your Titanium backup with the batch restore operation. Depending on your requirement choose the type of restore operation and select apps to restore individually. After the restore operation reboot your phone. If the restore causes force close errors you can type *#*#7780#*#* (Does not delete contents of SD card) in your phone dialer (do not press call button after the last symbol) and then accept. The phone will automatically reset in about 2-5 minutes. Later you can selectively restore apps but don’t restore system data if the phone pops up error messages of force close, which generally happens when you are upgrading android version or switching over to a new ROM and thats  exactly what we are doing here with a high possiblity of risking data. The reason why we made multiple backups in pre-installation instruction.

Restore your sms/mms with your app by installing it again from market and choosing the restore file created before flashing the ROM. (you need SD card if backup is on it, or need internet connectivity if backup is on google server)

To Restore Contacts go to contacts > settings menu > import > import your contact file and you are back to work with Wi-Fi/USB tether, Apps2SD, improved OS and lots of new features.(need SD card inserted)

universal androot for samsung galaxy android phoneThis ROM will also install Universal Androot (if not download here) with which you can root your device in one click. If your device does not root in one go, try another time or just reboot before trying again.

 *alternative procedure to just install Android 2.2 by checking the one package checkbox and choose your package in ODIN. Download the Android 2.2 firmware and follow the same steps after it. While following this procedure please skip adding the 5 files in Preparing ODIN section and continue with Flashing section thereafter.

LAST UPDATED: 30th December 2011

…..Enjoy, and thank us by liking us on facebook or following us on twitter while you stay updated with our latest tips and tricks on your android device.

Updates Coming Soon…!  Request updates on flashing Samsung Galaxy 5 I5500 or I5503, rooting Samsung Galaxy 5 I5500 or I5503, Updating Samsung Galaxy 5 I5500 or I5503 to android 3.0/2.2  or any other queries via comment form below.

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  1. ok , so i am downloading the files that u have linked. if i face any problem, i hope u will be there to reply n help.

    • If you face any problems we will help you out, but make sure you use the right device, the right ROM and get the basic understanding of the terms used.

  2. thanks dude, the upgrade was successful.

  3. but one problem. the compass is off by about 90 degrees. eg, if i face west, it shows north.

  4. Thank you, after trying a number of roms that didn’t work, this worked great.

  5. It is not working with me. it just says, that the port cannot connect.

    I have windows 7 ultimate
    and galaxy 5
    Any idea what I can do?
    Tnx in advance.

    • Others services on computer are using the port. Turn off or uninstall any such drivers or software that you think might be interfering with it.
      Like another smartphone drivers, camera, external hardware etc.

  6. hey how will i activate my GPRS facility plzzz help me out.. i m unable to activate my internet facility..

    • The upgrade might have wiped your settings.
      Set up the GPRS/3G access point names and details as they were prior to flashing, choose the values as default Access point name.
      Do a Restart if required.

  7. Brilliant!! No problems whatsoever!! 🙂

  8. Man ur a life saver for me……none of the blogs info worked for me….but urs it worked like a charm…….thanks man

  9. sir please tell where to get the files
    · BOOT – select BOOTLOADER_I5500XXJPF.tar.md5
    · PHONE – select MODEM_I5500.tar.md5
    · PDA – select PDA_I5500XWJP9_CL880109.tar.md5
    · CSC- select I5500OXXJP3_CSC_OXX_CL832222.tar.md5

    • Please refer the Pre-install instruction section.
      Use alternate link for non working megaupload links.
      You will find the four files in within a compressed file(.7z), use the download links of Android 2.2 firmware based ROM from the list to download them.
      Download all required files before you start. Unpack them and keep them ready to be used.
      Do not proceed if you do not understands the risks of failure.
      Please refer to other guides(other forums and websites) to get a better idea.

  10. Thank you. This worked brilliantly.

  11. I am having trouble with receiving incoming calls. The call automatically gets disconnected after 1 ring. What should I do? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Sorry, its been a long time since you reported this, but still i would ask you if this issue was resolved. If yes please share it with fellow members and us.

  12. while im flashing my device i stock on downloading amms.,.,pls help me.,.,

  13. I have Eclair on my 5503, can i still skip froyo and flash to GB or ICS? The screenshots u have posted looks like ICS. So can i directly flash my phone to the one mentioned above?

    • The one shown above is a Android 2.2 ROM, i5503/5500 hardware does not support ICS.
      As far as Gingerbread is concerned, there are hardly any “stable” custom ROM’s available for your device. We recommend not to upgrade until you have a stable and fully functional ROM for your device.

  14. I make everything, what you told here. Until the last picture everythibg ist same, but my phone backlight is flashing…it is normai??
    I can wait more, or whata i do wrong?
    Thanks! Imi

    • No its not normal. It shouldn’t be ideally happening.
      Please do a factory reset by going to phone settings –*— factory reset or use code *2767*3855# using your phone dialer (do not press Dial or call button, just enter the code).
      If problem persists, you need to redo complete procedure of flashing or use different ROM or revert back to the stock ROM.

  15. It works!

    Thank you so much. This is the 4th ROM that one I’ve tried for my i5503, and the first that works.

    I was starting to lose hope.
    First boot was in German, but that was easy to get past.

  16. i hav my phone(i5503) already rooted will thr be any problem if i flash

  17. Eduardo Fornaciari

    Very Nice man! thanks.

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