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3D Mahjong Mountain

3D Mahjong Mountain

Hailing from China Mahjong has spread to different regions of the world and been adopted with its own unique set of rules making the game easier to play. Mahjong is very similar to Rummy and is played with tiles. The main objective is to build sets with the tiles through drawing and discarding them. 3D Mahjong Mountain FREE for Android brings the same Mahjong fun you have had on a table with your friends.

The goal of the game is to reach the top of the holy mountain Tai Shan, where an old man awaits the bravest explorer who is smart enough to overcome the riddles of Mahjong puzzle faced on various levels of the mountain. You start from the bottom of the mountains with comparatively easy Mahjong puzzles which turn more difficult as you advance to higher and more complex levels. A player scores in each level based on the time required for its completion. The help button helps the beginners to get past a challenge at the cost of few additional seconds thus degrading their score. Similarly players can mix the tiles when they have no moves left for a penalty of 15 seconds. Whether you would like to challenge your friends or just brag about your top scores, Open Feint makes the game more fun and highly replyable for new achievements and leader boards.

What sets “3D Mahjong Mountain FREE” apart from the dozens of Mahjong games available on the Android Market is its lively 3D interface, storyline, clean look and Open feint integration. Customizations are something which every android user loves, with 3D Mahjong Mountain FREE you can choose the look you want in your game by customizing tiles and background with 24 possible combinations. You can take a look at the table just like a real one, whether it’s taking a closer look at the table with pinch to zoom controls, or turning it in a different angle; everything is worth the pleasure with the smooth Multi-touch actions. Controls are definitely not going to make you go crazy over your device and are pretty smooth. Whether you are a first time Mahjong player or an expert you are ready to go with the game by just going through its short help guide and choosing your difficulty level.

If you looking forward to play Mahjong on your Android device or just need a switch from your plain old Mahjong game to a cleaner, colorful and more lively experience on your device 3D Mahjong Mountain FREE is worth a look. Apart from a fully functional free version the game is also available in a Gold (paid) version with more levels and no ads.

Android App Review performed on Google Nexus One with Android 2.3.3

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