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Whether it’s just adoring the fit body of your favorite celebrity or being jealous of your neighbors fitness, everyone wants to have a fit and attractive body. Fitness means different to different people, for some it’s about being able to fit into their favorite clothes, while for others; it is just a matter of being in shape. Either way, if you find yourself running out of breath when doing simple things like walking up a few stairs or playing catch, it’s time to improve your physical condition. Being able to track, monitor and adapt to your health and fitness with ease cannot be as easy as is said. The non-stop busy life can bring many hurdles in your health and fitness plans. But if that’s what keeps you from reaching your goals FitApp for Android could be your ideal buddy.

FitApp brings every tiny tool you need, whether its carrying your basic information, taking fitness tests, tracking your progress or managing your history.

Starting with the app for the first time you will need to add basic details about your body like age, weight, height, gender and physical activity level. Once you are done with this you are ready to go with fitness tests. The app currently supports 11 fitness tests which no other app on the market provides within a single package. This makes FitApp your one stop solution for all fitness needs including Blood pressure test, resting heart rate test, Body fat measurement, Body Fat Calliper, 15m Bleep test, 20m bleep test, 3 min step test, press up test, sit & reach test, cooper test and crunch test.

Within the individual section for test, a user is provided with ample details in audio and visual descriptions that include teaching points, tips and norm charts to help you quickly asses and analyze yourself. User will need to follow the procedure explained and enter the details for each test in the input space. These details will later be required to track your progress and view it in graphical representation and also view the detailed of individual days in progress history. The graphs are resizable to a highly accurate detail with pinch to zoom and reset.  Ensuring that you’re always on the right track during your Cardio sessions FitApp’s one rep max calculator helps you choose the correct weight during your resistance workouts and target heart rate.

Within the ‘My Fitness’ section you can quickly have a look at your current stats like BMI, Body fat,  Resting heart rate, V02, Metabolic rate and physical activity load. Considering your test results the app will also recommend you ideal nutritional intake with. The latest test results sub-section within provides you with the most recent statistics of your body and from the same section you can update or add new test results to keep your stats most accurate.  Setting your next goals and monitoring your progress can be easy really easy and effective with norm charts for each test.

Lot of people do take resolutions every year, they join Gym , fitness programs or get involved in new activities to lose the few extra pounds they have gained on their last vacation but without keeping a track of their progress they actually tend to demotivate themselves from doing all the hard work that they have planned or done so far. This year take a resolution but take FitApp along to help you guide and keep you encouraged until you reach your goals. Fit App has been designed by fitness professionals, for everyone who has an interest in health and fitness whatever your fitness level or abilities are. If personal fitness is one of your chief concerns, definitely FitApp is an app worth buying for a price of an unhealthy piece of cake.  But if you still mind purchasing the fully featured version, you can give a try to the lite version which offers limited features but gives you the feel of the app before you jump to a conclusion.

This Android App Review was performed on Samsung Galaxy S running Android 2.3.3

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