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MotivAider® for Mobile

MotivAider® for Mobile


There are a lot of negatives you know about yourself, you want to change them but despite your strong determination all your efforts go futile just because your behavior and habits are too personal to be shared with your friends or relatives for seeking their help.  If you respect your own privacy but want to get out of the cobweb of your bad habits, habits that take down your productivity, health and things that affect your family life, then MotivAider Android App will be more than a reliable friend to you.

About MotivAider : MotivAider® is an ingeniously simple dedicated electronic device that for nearly a quarter of a century has allowed people of all ages in over 40 countries make a remarkably wide range of desired changes in behavior and habits. With the introduction of their mobile App now Android users can make sure they carry their MotivAider everywhere. The inventor of MotivAider Dr. Steve Levinson is passionate about helping individuals and organizations follow through. He is a psychologist and his keen insights into human nature, and his remarkable talent for “outside-the-box” thinking has brought us the useful tool – MotivAider.

How does it work?

MotivAider is a simple android app that helps you keep your good intentions as your first priority and thus helps you meet your objectives of behavioral change. When you first start with the app, you need to make sure what you want to change and how. Then you can add the name of your desired behavior in the new project add details to it as a personal message like why your behavior needs to be changed, what’s going to happen if you do not change your behavior, how will you change it and add anything else that motivates you in bringing the change. Next you can assign a prompt pattern which will be only understood and sensed by you, thus keeping to whole thing personal with three different vibration prompt patterns giving you lot more choices to recognize the intent behind it. If in case you have a similar type of vibration prompt pattern for say a messenger app you can choose prompt pattern 2 or 3 to keep it unique and recognizable. At this stage you will have to associate your personal message say ”I won’t smoke” by mentally reciting it while you press the test button to actually feel it in your palms. For a better association repeat the step twice or thrice and then choose whether to display the message in your notification bar when the prompt appears or not. You can set a time interval  between prompts, for example the prompt “I won’t smoke” will appear every 1 hour. The time interval can be changed from as low as 1 minute to as long as 4 hours thus you will have wide variety of timing options for each type of behavior change you wish to add. You would definitely not want the app to irritate you at odd timing, like when you are sleeping.  To achieve this result the app runs in the time frame suggested by you. For example you can set the start time of 9 AM and a stop time of 9 PM. This option will give you more flexibility on when you want to be reminded and when not. In situations like important business meeting or praying in the church you can simply pause the app and the notifications will not be sent to you until you finish you important work and resume the app. Though the procedure explained above is brief the app requires just 7 simple instructions to be configured for the first start.

How can it help you?

Its human tendency to quickly and easily adopt bad habits or behavior, but to give them up can be sometimes impossible for humans and may require moral support from someone whom they can trust. But if you don’t have that ‘someone’ in your life or you are embarrassed or its just that there’s no one around you MotivAider will be your real friend.

Simple habits like sticking to a good diet, staying focused on work, quit smoking, getting organized, being a better husband/parent, improving your posture, stopping habits like biting finger nails, grinding teeth, being confident or anything that you wish to change in yourself can be achieved with mind set and MotivAider.

Bottom Line:

MotivAider works on a very simple principle which makes is very effective and personal. If you have ever wished to bring any good change in you there isn’t a better solution for you in this world of technology and gadgets. The developer of the app has also considered to develop a iPhone and Blackberry app for with same functionality thus bringing it to more people after its successful launch as an Android app.

One of the limitation of the app is addition of only one desired behavior change which is acceptable because it can be confusing for users to associate two behaviors at a time and work over them at the same time.

Note:  If you are using a task killer, you will need to add MotivAider to exception/ignore list in order to receive notifications on pre defined intervals.

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