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Thierry Mugler Angel

Thierry Mugler Angel

Dreaming can just be a hobby for a few but most of the times we love recalling our sweet dreams, and imagine beyond the barriers of truth. An Android app does help you take a tour with your imaginations and thus make you realize the inner spark of your dreams over and over again. ‘Angel’ an Android app from Thierry Mugler takes on a tour of fragrances created by them in an imaginary universe.

You start with the android app by creating a universe that relates you in the ‘create your dream’ section. To do so you pick 5 out of 40 different qualities you posses. These qualities are the stars in your imaginative universe and form your constellation of stars. Followed by this is a short movie which revolves around your dream. You get to create a unique dream that doesn’t repeat on the second try, or the third try or any other try — there are over 50 million unique possible dream combinations.

With Thierry Mugler Angel you can find out your moods with the’ which angel are you today’ section where you choose 5 qualities in form of words to form a constellation. The section will take you to a short overview about yourself and bring in picture the fragrances that match your mood.

Eva Mendes, the Angel perfume muse takes you to create your unique and magical dream with the app. The fragrances created by them will take you to the universe created by you with the strong body and mind connection which has been overlooked for long.

Thierry Mugler Angel is a nice app that will also let you discover the new range of Angel perfumes by Thierry Mugler while it takes you on a tour with their details and points of sale to later order it directly from the app. You can also watch Eva in action within the behind the scenes section and can share these videos and your dreams in the app with your Facebook friends.

Angel is obviously well designed, and put together. If you have never experienced Angel fragrances check out the app on the Android Market and take the tour before you indulge in the fragrances you of your mood and go shopping with the GPS enabled shopping aid.

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