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Typing on an android phone with touch input can be pain for a few while others may enjoy it as their hobby while texting their buddies throughout the day. Well, this is a matter of fact that almost every application requires user input, right from adding your nickname in a game you start playing for the first time to a long email you have to urgently send while you are away from your desktop. Text input on a touch screen device can be the key factor for maintaining the right user experience on any operating system. The Android came up with a really nice keyboard which did it all , but the greed for more and software engineering improvements have brought us some of the best and innovative input methods. Adaptxt is one such touch input keyboard we are talking about in this android app review.

They call it Ambient Artificial Intelligence, we call it smart

Like every powerful keyboards learns new words from its user and adopts it, Adaptxt does that too but with a new approach. With Adaptxt you don’t add words rather you let the keyboard do it all for you. Whenever a user skips a suggested word with the cross and makes use of a word absent in the dictionary, the keyboard automatically adds the new word you used to your personal dictionary and uses them for future auto-corrections and suggestions. With its Ambient Artificial Intelligence technology, Adaptxt learns and understands user’s communication style and provides personalized predictions not just limited to word but long sentences too. When you complete a word, suggestions for next word are updated dynamically, which help you in framing the sentence quickly with less number of interactions.

Why Switch to Adaptxt?

Adaptxt adopts few of the basic gestures and features from default keyboards like Android default Keyboard and Touch Input keyboard (usually seen in HTC devices) which makes it very user friendly for users migrating to Adaptxt from a system default keyboard.  Features like displaying the shadow of a letter button above it for easy visibility whether you want to type your username accurately or enter sensitive details like passwords which are encrypted in most of the forms. Symbols and smiley’s can be of relatively high importance specially to users who performing heavy texting or chat over their Android devices and that’s where Adaptxt’s Extended Character Bubble’s come handy. Simply long press over a key to quickly select symbols from the Extended Character Bubble. A lot of users have been copying and pasting Symbols, Smileys and special characters from external sources to make their messages look more natural because their default keyboards never knew about it. Its time to say bye to an extra keyboard (like hackers keyboard) you maintain just to type special characters.

Multilingual and Multi-talented

Adaptxt comes with 40+ language add-ons and the Industry specific add-ons, all for FREE on the Android market. Now when you download a language addon you not only get the foreign language dictionary but also language specific virtual keyboard, such as QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, Cyrillic or Greek and terms and phrases based on work sector requirement. Like IT professionals deal with a lot of technical terminology and use them in day to day life with their clients or other co-workers over text and email, a lawyer deals with legal stuff and a doctor with medicines or biological terms. Similarly there are dictionaries available in most of the popular languages along with industry specializations like medical, legal, IT, telecom, business, finance and few more. Each language is available in such industry specific add-ons packs and improves the auto-correction and suggestion functionality of the keyboard. With these ready to use addon packs users save on time and effort involved in skipping words and adding new words which otherwise are not included in the basic language dictionaries that come by default with any keyboard application. You may be wondering, what if we installed more than 1 addon pack, would both the dictionaries try to implement their own set of rules to correct typos? The answer is ‘No’, because Adaptxt carries a innovative Multilingual approach to handle two or even more languages and/or addon packs together by prioritizing between add-ons. For an example addon with priority 1(suppose Finance- US English) will be give more importance and suggestion from it will be kept on the top followed by the second priority say Finanzen DE.

Under the Hood:

The settings menu and keyboard language can be quickly accessed to make necessary changes with a long press on alt button and spacebar respectively. If anytime in future you plan to upgrade your device or want to factory reset it, carrying your personal dictionary over to a different device can be lot easier with the backup and restore operation rather than manually adding thousands of words again. Within the Settings section you can see your dictionary with all the words added by you. Here you can delete added words, import your android’s default dictionary or backup the Adaptxt dictionary by merging it together over the SD card. You can also choose the error tolerance of the keyboard, turn on/off auto correct and choose your auto correct mode. The settings are meant for wide variety of people coming from different keyboards and carrying different typing habits, so initial tuning will help them to keep their typing experience smooth and pleasurable. Another useful feature is interaction feedback which gives sound or vibration on key press and vibration feedback on auto correct, thus you will be able to review the word which was auto corrected before you move forward.

3-2-1  Go :

The initial setup will just require you to install the application from market and optional language addon pack of your choice. You will also need to go to your device SETTINGS > LANGUAGE & KEYBOARD (INPUT) > Check the “Adaptxt” checkbox to enable the keyboard.  Now the keyboard is enabled but you will need to select it as your default input method by long tap on any text field in sms , email or browser > Tap INPUT METHOD > Choose ADAPTXT  and you are ready to experience the fresh new keyboard on your android device.

Adaptxt is definitely more clean, unlike other keyboards which feel more cluttered and complex, thus require more precision and make the typing experience go slower. Adaptxt is a way faster, accurate in correcting your mistakes and quickly adopts to your typing style to reduce touch interactions while you type. Adaptxt and with all 40+ language add-ons and the Industry specific add-ons, comes for Free thus you get more not spending nothing.

Being an Android user we all love customizations and wouldn’t mind if we get to see new theme’s/backgrounds to make our favourite keyboard more desirable with future updates.

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  1. Just downloaded this app. Love the keyboard. Compact and easy to use. Will be back with more comments. No themes though!

  2. Its lovely and does make typing easier, but needs bigger keys for large thumb sizes like me

  3. Tried it.. Impressed with the predictions!!

  4. Wowed! Best texting app ever!!!

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