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Smart Weight Tracker

Smart Weight Tracker

smart weight tracker app reviewWhether it’s fitting in your favourite jeans or looking more younger, everyone likes staying fit and in shape. Every great meal you have can add up to your weight and can get you closer to your biggest nightmare, those few extra pounds which took you weeks of vigorous workout to cut down on belly fat. Without keeping a track of your improvement in weight loss you actually tend to demotivate yourself from your weight loss goals. Seeing yourself change and letting people around you know about it can be the biggest motivating factor that can keep your goals on the front burner.  Smart Weight Tracker does the exact same job by keeping a track of your weight in a quick and easy way.

Smart Weight Tracker works in a very simple and effective way that helps you record your weight and watch it to understand the differences quickly. To update your weight, you just need to fire up the app from your app drawer and tap ”update weight” where you can add your weight with the numeric keyboard or use the increment/decrement buttons to make necessary changes in previous dates recorded weight  for the same date or go to a custom date with next and previous buttons.

After adding your weights for a couple of days you will be able to see them in a weekly calendar format with each day highlighted in either of the three colors- red, orange and green. These colors show your every day progress with major weight losses shown in green while major weight gains are shown in red. Minor weight variations are displayed with a orange highlight conveying that the weight is under control and stable.  Weights are displayed in weekly format and also displayed next to it is your weekly average with green or red highlight. Thus everytime you open the app you can see your progress and plan your weight loss strategy.  The graphs make the whole process even easier to understand with just a short glance.

With the fast paced technological improvements, a new smartphone awaits you and that’s when you would like to carry the essential details over to your new buddy. The backup feature lying under the hood lets you backup your weight  log on your SD, you can later import the same from your SD card or from the CSV file you previously sent to your email address. These weight reports can be sent to your own email address, your fitness trainer, family doctor or anyone else via the default sharing services available on your device. You can also set a a default email address in the settings menu to send weights.  The settings menu also allows you to change the look and layout of the display by allowing you to choosing the starting day of week, measurement in Kg/lb, changing the number of lines displayed in portrait mode and landscape mode individually. Additionally you can set a reminder within the app which will ask you to log in your weight through the notification in android’s default notification system. Well this can be a time when you reach the gym or get up in morning or anything that matches your requirements.

We couldn’t find an option to reset the records at once, though user is allowed to edit them but not clear them at once.  This may not be a feature of use for a user who is maintaining weight logs for over a quarter but definitely the app deserves it.

If you are looking for an app that tracks your weight while not troubling you with a complex interface and unnecessary adware, than you need to definitely have a look at Smart Weight Tracker.

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