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EasyCook Kitchen Timer

EasyCook Kitchen Timer

cooking timer app for androidThe right ingredients and the right timings are a key to a perfectly prepared dish. No matter what your proficiency is in the kitchen; preparing a Christmas or New Year day feast for a table full of guests can be stressful. When you want a perfect dinner for the guests you probably don’t want things to go wrong, especially when you are preparing multiple dishes at the same time. With each recipe having its unique preparation method and timing it can be really difficult to monitor each of them together and get them ready for the next step. Ending up with a spoiled dinner could be your worst nightmare if you have been planning for a wonderful dinner at your house with your friends or colleagues. But Easy Cook for Android comes as a reliable and simple solution to monitor and manage your food preparation needs with multiple dishes.

Easy Cook lets you schedule the preparation of various parts of your meal with the help of timers and alerts. With Easy Cook you can create timers for independent items of a dish or club them all together to alert you step by step. You can start by adding a recipe’s with a name and multiple items within it which can be a part of the recipe timer. While adding new items you can specify how they are going to be processed and for how long the process takes place. For example I would “FRY” a fish or “BOIL’ the eggs for a period of say 20 minutes. Items can be added to library and can be recalled anytime later when you need them in another recipe. For example the process of boiling eggs remains the same in most of the dish preparations so it can be reused again from the library instead of adding it again.

If you are planning to schedule your meal preparation for a later time, so that your dishes are served hot, then you can add your eating time from your phone’s clock. This way the cooking timer will only start at the eating time.

In case you are processing two items for the same time but for different dishes and there could be a possibility that you forget to get them ready in one go, in such a situation the app will remind you to process both the items at once thus saving your time on preparing them individually.

With the simple technique Easy Cook will help you get you food processed for accurate timings and help you manage your meal preparation needs in a systematic way with its accurate technical timer option. The app also runs in background and can notify with beeps and notification bar even if you accidently press the home or back button. You can optionally choose to turn On/Off notifications, notification sounds, button sounds which give the app a microwave kind of button and buzzer sounds effects and also choose to keep your screen On while the dishes are being cooked.

Easy Cook is an ideal way to plan you New Year celebrations with a yummy meal in perfectly managed way.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC Sensation XE running Android 2.3

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