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Happy Snowflake

Happy Snowflake

Android app review Happy SnowflakeWinter is probably one of the best seasons of the year. Right from the scary Halloween pranks,  the lovely Christmas gifts to a wonderful dinner with your friends or relatives on the new year’s eve, Winter season brings us all the fun and excitement we have been missing all through the year. One thing that’s common in these holidays is the Snowfall. I think we all have a love hate relationship with it as drivers.  Happy Snowflake is one such app that brings you even closer to the beautiful tiny snowflakes.

Happy Snowflake app lets you design snowflakes with the power of your imaginations and creativity in simple and entertaining way. You start with a piece of  square paper folded into a 6 – Point Star style craetion and later make additional cuts to the folded paper in order to give it a unique snowflake shape. If you have created paper object while your schooling you would probably know how interesting and amazing results you get with each simple cut.Happy Snowflake public sharedWithin the app you can make cuts by joining two points and excluding the exterior part of paper as waste. Trying it for the first time I was so impressed that I finally created some of the most beautiful snowflakes on my android phone and later repeated it with real paper. The paper being utilized in the app can be zoomed in/out to make cuts with more precision but if you make a wrong cut , you always have a choice to go back and correct it with the undo/redo functionality.Happy snowflake lets you preview each cut and save the snowflake within the app.

You can also save the snowflakes designed by you on your device’s photo gallery, Facebook album or just share it over email, twitter, Facebook and even sms it your friends with a personal message. While you share your snowflake designs they are also uploaded to the official website where you can view them in action just as you see them on your device. Happy Snowflake website is a great way to see the new and unique designs made by other users too and try some hybrid designs with new ideas.

Not only can you set the snowflakes as your phone’s wallpaper but you can actually make your best snowflakes with real paper for decorating your house on the new year’s eve. This way you can test your designs on the app and then use them to cut an actual paper without too much of effort and paper wastage.

We must say, Happy Snowflake is a unique and very entertaining way to spend some time with your android phone and plan a new decoration theme for your house.

This handy tutorial will explain how to create snowflakes with paper and with the help of Happy Snowflake android app or check out for live demo of user generated snowflakes.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC Sensation XE running Android 2.3

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  1. very nice app

  2. Beautiful results but only 5 snowflakes possible in free version. That’s bad 🙁

  3. Great app. Apsolutely addictive!

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