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With the modern smartphones you get the best of both worlds. The same technology you use for work is also used for fun and entertainment. It easier to keep your office pc and personal pc personalized for work and entertainment respectively but with smartphones it’s a highly impossible task because you carry your same personal device wherever you go whether it’s your college, home, office or a religious place like church. Nobody likes getting caught in an embarrassing situation where your personal items are exposed to strangers in public places like a train or church or even worse in front of your boss. Wait! What’s more embarrassing is pressing the home button or the back button repeatedly while you are stuck in the middle of the app but it resists shutting down while it pops up an ugly dialogue for confirmation. It’s too late before you are out of it and the person next to you knows the whole story. If you haven’t heard about Boss Key –It’s a special shortcut used in computers (usually games) to hide a program and display something different on screen. With “MagicScreen-BossKey” for Android you can implement the same power of boss key you have seen on your desktop computers.

Without even touching your home button or going back, you can head to anything you want the next person to see before he/she notices your actual on-screen activity, be it your personal items or non-work related activities. “MagicScreen-BossKey” offers an onscreen shortcut that is accessible from anywhere on your device, whether it’s a game you are playing or another app (including gallery, web browser, YouTube or anything similar) you are using. The shortcut can be placed anywhere on the screen. The best place possibly placement options are the corners and edges which are rarely used. Placing it near the top corners works well too but with a gentle tap, unless you are pulling down your notification bar which is part of the top edge of screen.  Tapping on the magic screen shortcut area takes you to your predefined image which could be a screenshot of your mail account, or your homescreen, or some sort of graphical presentation to make it even better. You will need a screenshot of screen if you are trying to show an image that’s your homescreen or another app. Screenshots will render better as they will be as the exact size of screen. You can manually set any image from gallery and crop the images outside the app if you don’t want them to shrink or stretch.

“MagicScreen-BossKey” is also a great lockscreen which disables all hardware keys and notification bar when triggered. You can later quit the fake screen with a custom gesture you have registered in the app or use a custom pin if you forget the gesture. The pin lock feature offers additional security when someone inputs a wrong gesture three times.  Additionally you can choose whether you want the app to be started automatically after device reboots. This way you can ensure “MagicScreen-BossKey” is always running in the background and protecting you. The service can also be disabled from within the app settings menu when you are no more using it.

Two improvements we would love to see in future updates are Image resize feature for gallery images that are larger and unproportional to screen size. Another feature that would make sense is starting an alternative or predefined app automatically when “Magic Screen” is triggered.

Magic Screen is not about fooling others it’s about saving yourself from the most embarrassing situation you may go though.

Overall MagicScreen is useful utility for anyone, from a teenager to a boss. Magic Screen android app is currently available in a fully functional ad supported free version as well as a pro version. Let Magic screen save you from the embarrassment and keep your personal activities, really personal.

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