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Wake-up Light

Wake-up Light

Is it the awful beep sound screwing your ears again, the same unpleasant experience reminds it’s time to wake up. At times I feel my alarm clock hates me more than anyone in the world. Everyone wants be punctual, reach office or school on time, so do i but isn’t there a better way to start our day? That’s a question I ask myself every day.  Well, for everyone here who hates their irritating alarm clocks, “Wake-up Light” Android app is here to wake you up with an innovative approach and natural way.

Let’s go back to times before the discovery of alarm clocks, when people woke up with the first rays of rising sun and the pleasant sounds of chirping birds.  Well, “Wake-up Light” turns your Android phone into a natural alarm, including the bright light to glow up your room and the variety of natural sounds like chirping birds and flowing water.

Why wake up light is not an alarm?

Wake up light is not an alarm, it does not have the unpleasant sounds that alarm clocks make to irritate you, nor does it shout in its full pitch. The way “Wake-up Light” works is – You first set your wake up time, say 6:00 AM and choose a color of light that will make your room glow. As your wake time approaches (say 5:45 AM) “Wake-up Light” starts with the lowest level of brightness and volume of your phone and turns slowly into a fully bright display glowing your room and running at a highest volume at your wake up time(6:00 AM).

You can choose for how long you want “Wake-up Light” light to run, from as low as 5 minutes to as long as an hour. Choosing longer duration of run will start wake up light earlier by the defined time and thus slowly push the volume and screen brightness levels to maximum.

This way you make your wake up experience more pleasurable and turn your mornings into a fresh and energetic start of day.

Wake-up Light is available for both phones and tablets, so if you have multiple devices at your home you can enjoy the new way of waking up with Wake Up Light.

Android App Review performed on HTC Desire HD

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