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Word Search Premium

Word Search Premium

Trying to kill you leisure time or just looking for some fun, word puzzles are a great way to learn some new words in an interesting and engaging way. Though there already are a wide variety of choices if you are looking out for a word puzzle game on the android market. But if you don’t want to end up with one of those ugly puzzle games which are flooded with ads that come in your way while you are in the most challenging phase beating your best score in the game then Word Search from Devarai is a good match for you.

Word Search is a single player word puzzle game, where your challenge is to find all the hidden words on the board with randomly arranged letters. Word Search offers every feature which other traditional word puzzle games offer; additionally it offers three difficulty modes viz easy, normal and hard. You also get to choose from 36 unique categories and their sub categories individually which offer words based on different criterions. Say you get names of vehicles, their components and their abbreviations when you choose the category “transportation” in the app, further can also choose to use or eliminate certain sub-categories like planes, bicycle, boat, car and more. This way you can selectively set challenges for the game and also concentrate on words of particular category which you wish to master. What about preparing for your GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL or SAT exam with this fun game? To your surprise this game has a vast dictionary of words which can be selectively targeted, whether it’s for fun or learning.

Everyone loves customizations with the looks, whether it’s your ride or your bride. The themes in app allow you to customize the app according to your mood. You can choose from themes like chalkboard, sports, parchment, beach, notepaper or choose a theme for the occasion of Christmas. If you an expert and  love challenges then just turn on the timer and start challenging your own high scores or beat the worldwide online scores for each difficulty mode. The high scores are stored locally and shown in its specific section when you complete a game without any hints.

Overall, Word Search is a wonderful game and comes with a clean UI, smooth animations and little bit of sound effects which can be turned off from the settings if you love silent gaming. The controls are well defined and you can see the words you are marking at the bottom of screen while your big finger may be covering it all. This is a game you can keep playing forever; no matter how many times you play Word Search is not going to get boring like any other action game which may not give the same excitement after a thousand game plays. Word Search from Devarai is also available for free but if you would like to get rid of the annoying ads and experience the game in a complete way, the Word Search premium is available for just $1.45 on the Android Market.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC Sensation XE running Android 2.3

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