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Tivo App for Android Announced at CES 2012

Tivo App for Android Announced at CES 2012

Earlier this week at CES, representatives from Tivo announced that the Tivo app is now
available for Android devices. This app will allow Android users to control their Tivo right from
their phones or tablets. If you want to record a show on your Tivo, you can just use the Tivo app
remote to record it, right from your phone, no matter how far away you are from your TV. This
is especially helpful when you’re out with friends and realize you forgot to record a show.

The Tivo app is basically a Tivo remote you can use from your Android phone or tablet. It looks
just like the Tivo remote you have at home. All the buttons are even in the same places. So, it’s
a super user-friendly app. As previously stated, you can use this app to make sure your favorite
shows are recorded. You can also use it to look up information about what’s scheduled to play on
TV on certain days, and you can read synopses of episodes that will be playing. Unfortunately,
you can’t watch any of your recorded TV shows on your phone or tablet using the Tivo app.

The Tivo app is compatible with most Android phones and tablets that use the Éclair, Froyo,
Gingerbread, Honycomb, and Ice Cream Sandwich operating systems. It even works on the
Kindle Fire. With this app, you won’t have to miss a TV show because you forgot to record it
ever again!

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