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Ball Crushers

Ball Crushers

Hitting opponent players may attract heavy penalties in most of the popular sports but Dodgeball is of  its kind game where player gains points for hitting opponents with a ball. In the school days, some feared this game while others relished it. Ball Crushers – Extreme Dodgeball from Feature Creep Studios Inc brings you the same fun to the android platform. The amazing sport has been blended into a fun and challenging android game with engaging controls, beautiful graphics and stunning effects.

The game starts with a brief tutorial where you can both read and play to understand the game controls clearly and most importantly able to enjoy the game to its fullest. You play with a team of 2-3 players and an equal number of opponents. By controlling any one player at a time you can perform various actions like throwing the ball with different power and angles, dodging opponent’s ball, switching between primary player, and choosing offense/defense tools to show some supernatural stunts.

While you receive power-ups in the game, winning the game earns you points which are useful for buying new offense and defense tools. These tools make the game even more exciting by adding new challenges in the fight. As you to advance to higher levels you face stronger opponents, thus you need to build a powerful strategy for defeating your opponents by selectively choosing your weapons and armor for offense and defense respectively. There are such 40 items for arsenal which can be acquired and equipped with the help of hard earned points or in-app android market purchase. There are 15 different achievements to be unlocked within the game and options to brag your high scores on Facebook and twitter.

After playing the game for over a week and a few sleepless nights, now its really hard for me to resist it every time I pop out my android phone from my pocket.  The smooth game controls have been one of the key reasons, followed by its sharp and colorful graphics with beautiful animations. As the game uses the device’s accelerometer for movement, the settings to calibrate it for your posture and options to choose your tilt sensitivity make the gameplay a comfortable experience rather than an exercise. While playing the game you move the players in game by tilt movement, you simultaneously use both your thumbs to make a throw by slide action over the screen and double tap over a player to dodge him.

Ball Crushers comes with two game modes – play now which takes you through a series of challenges in different locations while the survival mode makes it even deadly with the zombies playing against you. You can customize your ball and team players dress colors to easily recognize them and match your mood.

Ball Crushers is a highly addicting android game for anyone out there who wants to have hours of nonstop fun on a relaxing week end or just pass their commuting time. Offering a high value for money and unlimited fun, Ball Crushers comes with over 16 highly challenging levels, 40 different items to unlock and 7 different teams to play against for just 99 cents.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC Desire running Android 2.3

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  1. Isn’t there a lite version ?
    I cannot find one on the market.

  2. This game was totally worth the 99 cents! Its an amazing challenge and it keeps my focus. There isn’t anything else like it out in the market right now, its original, challenging and fun as hell!

  3. Such a fun game…kinda reminds me of street fighter for snes. Teh controls are really good too and the items make the game even better.

    Glad I bought this game you will be too unless you are bad at playing video games.

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